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Learning never stops. Neither should your education. Alvernia University's Master of Education program holds the highest standards of academic excellence as it prepares educators to enjoy rewarding careers and advance to the next professional level. Increase your knowledge in an area of your choice, and do it on your time. Alvernia offers flexible class schedules so you can continue teaching full-time while earning your degree. Also consider our Dual Master of Education with Certification program, for additional growth opportunities. A Master of Education at Alvernia University is not only an investment in your future but also in the lives of the students you will inspire.

Masters of Education Brochure

Does your employer make you wait until the end of the semester to reimburse you for course work? Don't let that stop you from pursuing your degree! Alvernia University can help. Alvernia’s Student Billing Office offers a tuition deferment program for students like you! Our program allows Alvernia students to postpone payment for classes until employers reimburse them at the end of each semester. Learn More.

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