Reaching Heighest Heights with a Ph.D. from Alvernia

A Doctor of Philosophy in Leadership is not simply another degree but represents the achievement of reaching the highest possible level in academia. Alvernia University's Doctor of Philosophy is designed to prepare professionals who will excel in positions of leadership in public and private settings. The doctorate will afford professionals opportunities to make substantive contributions to develop their leadership talents and advance their research capabilities through rigorous coursework and scholarship. Alvernia also offers a Dual Ph.D. with Superintendent's Letter of Eligibility Certification program, for additional growth opportunities.

Alvernia University Ph.D. brochure

The Educational Leadership concentration will prepare educators to meet the challenges of contemporary school leadership at all levels of administration including higher education. Through coursework in advanced research and scholarship, this program will enable educators to develop their leadership talents and research capabilities. Individuals will learn to understand their responsibilities as agents of change within an increasingly complex and demanding educational system that is expected to meet the needs of all children.

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